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COVID-19 Update: On-campus housing capacity will be reduced by 31 percent due to the conversion of many multi-occupancy rooms to single occupancy.

Rooms on campus in traditional residence halls, and apartments with community bathrooms, will be assigned as singles to reduce on-campus population density and to support social distancing. On-campus housing assignments will be based upon timely receipt of application submissions as well as requests for special accommodations. I urge you to visit our online housing application page on the University website ASAP.

For rooms with more than one occupant, social distancing configurations, which may include the placement of dividers, will be put into place.

To accommodate the need for additional housing space, the University is contracting externally to secure additional space at nearby hotels (Sheraton) and apartment buildings.

While students will not be asked to vacate the residence halls at the conclusion of the face-to-face instruction in November (though it is recommended), any student wishing to vacate his/her residence is free to do so. Please note that no refunds will be issued to students electing to vacate campus housing at the end of face-to-face instruction.

Attached is information regarding Fall 2020 Housing Assignments and Move In.

Housing information can be found at

Residency on campus is voluntary and there is no requirement for freshmen or other students to live on campus. All newly enrolled students who live on campus in the residence halls must be admitted to the University prior to applying for housing.

The Housing Application is located at


  • Your username and password (The first part of your Morgan email address in lowercase, ex. chjon2, and your email password) 
  • A valid Credit/Debit Card 
  • To access the application, you can use Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. 

Only students, who are currently admitted to the University, are eligible to apply for housing. Students interested in living on campus should complete an online application for a Housing and Food Service Contract, inclusive of the non-refundable $200 application fee. We do not provide fee waivers or deferments for the housing application.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Because space is limited, students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications will be accepted until all assignments are made, after that point students will complete a waitlist application.

Note: On the housing application, it states that no changes can be made once submitted. MSU will not honor change requests. If you wish to file a complaint, email

(Residence Life & Housing > Housing Information)

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