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Most residence hall rooms are furnished with the following for each resident: 

-1 twin size bed 

-1 desk 

-1 chair 

-1 chest of drawers 

-1 two door wardrobe 

-Telephone and Cable TV jacks Internet jacks 

The University does not assume any responsibility for any of your personal property which is stolen, lost, or damaged. 

An optional personal effects insurance policy is available and ORLH recommends (but does not endorse) that students insure their belongings with National Student Services, INC or CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. If you would like to find out additional information and/or purchase with NSS, you can visit their website at: or contact them at 1-800-256-6774. Additional information for CSI Insurance Agency Inc can be obtained from the website,, or they can be contacted at 800-411-4911. 

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