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Spring 2021 Update: The Housing application for Spring 2021 will go live next Tuesday, December 1, 2020, no later than 5pm. The application will close Thursday, December 31, at noon. The opportunity to apply for Housing will be available to those students who meet the academic criteria identified during our Town Hall meeting. Priority will be given to upper-level students to ensure they can take the face-to-face classes that are required to meet graduation requirements. After thorough review, the following upper-level programs have been identified for priority housing consideration:

  • Civil Engineering and Transportation Majors
  • Upper-Level Science Majors
  • Upper-Level School of Global Journalism and Communications Majors
  • ALL School of Architecture and Program Design Majors         
  • Upper-Level Screenwriting Animation (SWAN) Majors
  • Upper-Level Fine and Performing Arts Majors (Art, Music, and Theatre)
  • Upper-Level Nursing Majors
  • Upper-Level Family and Consumer Science Majors
  • Upper-Level Military Science (ROTC) Majors

Since campus housing for the Spring 2021 semester is limited to specific majors, student information for those who meet the specific major criteria has been imported into the application portal. The application is only open to the cohort of students in the nine majors listed in the message. At this time, there is no option to apply for campus housing for the Spring 2021 semester due to extenuating circumstances or requests for special accommodations. 

To mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19, please understand that housing will be limited due to single room accommodations only. This means upper-level students may need to consider living on campus, should we exceed our University Managed apartment capacity off campus.

To ensure you are fully-informed and have the most current information, we ask that you continue to check your Morgan State University email, the Office of Residence Life and Housing webpage (, and the COVID-19 FAQ page ( for updates regarding our Spring 2021 Reopening Plans.

Once you have submitted a completed housing application, you will be able to participate in Roommate Grouping by logging into the housing system

Prior to beginning, you must know the prospective roommate’s proper spelling of their first and last name. 

Based on the student’s status of being a new or returning student, they will select the appropriate link. The student can either create a group or accept a group request. When a student initiates a roommate group, they are the group leader. This person sends invitations to other students inviting them to be roommates. The students can either accept and become members of this group, or they can decline or ignore the request.

Consideration will be made based on the following criteria: accepted members, matching order of building preference, and if the agreement was accepted prior to student being assigned.

How To Select Roommate video:

Instructions for applying for housing and selecting a roommate: visit this page

(Residence Life & Housing > Housing Roommate Selection)

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